Who Watches Watchmen? - Part 1

A lot of application use systems like Kubernetes for their deployment. In my humble opinion it is often overkill as system, that offers most of the stuff such thing provide, is already present in your OS. In this article I will try to present how to utilise the most popular system supervisor from Elixir applications.

Log all the things

In Elixir 1.11 landed set of new features that allows for more powerful logging by utilising Erlang's logger features. Here I will try to describe new possibilities and how You can use them to improve your logs.

Treachery of Representation

Representation is not data - something that developers (and not only them) often forgot when working with different data.

Stop Spreading Crap at My `$HOME`

Writing Vim Plugin

Article about writing Vim plugins, but not about writing Vim plugins. It is how to concieve plugin, how to go from an idea to the full fledged plugin.

Let's talk about `application/0`

Have you ever thought about that one simple function in your `mix.exs`? It comes out as quite powerful and useful place for storing configuration and post-launch scripts.

Common Test for Elixir developers

Here be (owned) books

Simple introduction to Rust's ownership system

Dumb Elixir VIsual (and iMproved) editor

How I have configured Vim for working with Elixir and Erlang projects